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We help identify psychosocial barriers, and empower individuals to overcome those obstacles for positive, healthy change.

The pursuit of happiness, security, and a life filled with dignity sometimes requires support. Here at Social Work Support, we help you navigate through complicated social service systems, help you link up with needed resources, and provide educational information to get you in the right mindset. We use our social work knowledge so that you make the best possible decisions for your situation. Using a strength-based approach, blended with feedback informed care and motivational interviewing, we support you through those moments.

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Everything centers on relationships and alliances. Our discovery call will help assess your needs, the obstacles and the opportunities for you and our team to work together.

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We are a team of Social Workers and Allied Health professionals. Here’s how we can help…

Social Work Case Management

Our dedicated team tracks your services and care across a variety of systems, and where need be, helps facilitate communication and information to support you toward your goals. Our approach is built on partnership and on building alliances for you and your care.

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Linkage and Community Resource Finding

Linkage services are dedicated to building a connection between you and a system or care, or between two systems of care that may not be communicating. Our Community Resource Finding services helps you identify available services, and helps you determine eligibility for you to get access to important services, such as food, shelter, legal aid, behavioral health, mental health, employment services, income support programs, nutrition programs, senior centers, transportation programs, home care services, community centers, and financial supports that may be available to you.

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Clinical Social Work Training and Education

We support individuals seeking a career in the Social Work profession and related fields such as counseling, psychology and marriage and family therapists. We offer specialized training and education through clinical supervision and practicum. Through partnership with universities and colleges, we train Master’s level graduate students, as well as Post-Master’s level clinicians in the pursuit of a career in the profession that supports community health and wellbeing. 

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Behavioral Health Groups and Classes

We offer behavioral health groups that focus on psycho-education, motivation and symptom relief. Our groups help you find balance between your external world that focuses on relationships, and your internal world that focuses on your internal self-care strategies and self-talk practices.

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Let’s get started with a discovery call. Once we start working together, we ask that you attend your appointment ready to help find a solution to your situation. To do so, it’s important that you show up prepared and ready to make good use of the time.

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Community Resource Finder

We are continually working on our Community Resource Finder engine. Mapping community resources in Northern California to help you get connected with care, one region at a time.

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Client Testimonials

Some kind words from community members

“I look forward to my appointment because it helps me stay focused on my goals.” – Community Member.

“I’m thankful because they helped me connect with my local food pantry.” – Community Member. 


Brenda Cordova, MSW, ACSW: 415-562-6056