Training Program

Social Work Training Program

Our Social Work training program is designed for BA-level, MA-level and MSW-level candidates working toward a fulfilling profession in the field of Social Work. Our training is best suited for advanced-level social workers. 


If you are interested in having Social Work Support be your host agency for your educational institution’s social work program, please first speak with your school so they may reach out. 

2021-2022 Social Work Cohort

Please note, we are only able to select and host a few candidates each year. This academic year, we are supporting students from the above listed schools. 


Our post-master’s associates are candidates who have fully completed their advance master’s level social work degree. Our team of Associate Social Workers help community members with access to care and access to community resources that would benefit their overall health and wellbeing. Associates also provide group, education, and advocacy support. Each service is determined on a case-by-case basis. 

To apply to become an Associate, please do not hesitate to contact us at the listed telephone number or email. 


If you are seeking advanced training in EMDR by an EMDR-IA Trainer, consider connecting with Dr. Priscilla Marquis, PHD. who will help and support your professional growth and development. 


All of our volunteers go through our Social Work Support training program, which will help you learn foundational skills in becoming a social worker and helping community members connect to available resources in their neighborhood. 


Our mental health stigma reduction program supports individuals to get access to mental health care, and works in the community and with individuals in an effort to reduce associated stigma involving getting mental health. To get training, support or to coordinate a workshop to discuss mental health and reduce stigma, please reach out. We welcome collaboration and any opportunity to reduce mental health stigma.